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Propane Home Heating Fuel

Propane Home Heating Fuel

Propane is the perfect energy alternative for your home

Propane Specialists serving Midland, Ontario and all of Simcoe County

Propane is an energy-efficient, versatile, fast-heating alternative to electric or other energy sources in your home. Are you looking to reduce your home energy costs? Propane is the answer! Propane heats much faster, and uses less energy, than electricity. In fact, every time you replace an electric appliance with a propane one, you could save up to 50% – or more – on the energy you use to run that appliance! Propane is especially great for rural and cottage county, or anywhere that isn't in a city. A propane furnace will give you cheaper, fast and reliable heating anywhere in the province, even off the grid! Canada has an abundance of propane, and the prices have been fairly stabilized. Imagine - paying 400$ not monthly, but annually for heating? Varying based on propane prices.

There are many benefits of using propane as your heating and energy source:
- Available
- Clean
- Economical
- Safe
- Portable

Propane also pairs well with other energy sources so your home is always warm and powered!

Mayes-Martin in Midland, Ontario is your source for reliable propane delivery in Simcoe County. We also offer propane tank rentals and propane tank installations making us your one stop shop for all of your propane needs.

If you're interested in pricing for our tank rentals and installations in Midland, Ontario, please contact Shawn Fullan today.

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